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Utah Photography Workshop

Sept. 17th - 20th, 2009 OR Sept. 24th -27th, 2009

Price is $775 per person. There are only a few openings left for the Sept. 17th-20th workshop!

Come join us in the wilds of Utah to photograph one of the most spectacular, yet least known parks: Capitol Reef National Park. Capitol Reef has some of the most varied landscapes within Utah: natural stone bridges, unusual formations such as the sandstone formations of Cathedral Valley, then possibly Waterpocket Fold and the towering bluffs of Grand Wash.

We will engage into an immersion into photography over 3 days. You will be able to practice sunrise/sunset techniques, high dynamic range shooting and night timed exposures for starters. We may have a chance to photograph some North American big game animals if time and opportunity permits.

Afterward (Saturday evening), we will collectively gather round and spend some time critiquing work and discussing our efforts. Sunday we will head out again in the early morning to capture our last sunrise/landscape opportunities and wrap up the workshop, have lunch together then review shortly thereafter. Allow for scheduled departures, etc.


  1. 1. Meet and Greet Thursday night.
  2. 2. Full on for 2 days of shooting, etc. on Friday & Saturday
  3. 3. Saturday evening review in Torrey, Utah
  4. 4. Sunday AM shoot.
  5. 5. Lunch then review shortly thereafter. Allow for scheduled departures, etc. An extension into Monday is within the realm of possibility.

NOTE: If there is enough interest, a second workshop will be offered the following weekend: Sept. 24th - Sept. 27th. Already I have one person reserving a spot for the second workshop!

Planned shoots:
Hickman Bridge - shoot during early light

Early dinners each day then shoot sunset and dusk glow over sandstone formations in park (eg. Cathedral Valley).

Optional shoots:
Grand Wash, Waterpocket Fold and Goblin Valley, which is close to Capitol Reef (near Hanksville)

Here are some of the links to images from Capital Reef via a quick Google Image Search: Capitol Reef National Park Images

Torrey, UT is right beside Capitol Reef National Park, sandwiched between Dixie National Forest (2 million acres) and Fishlake National Forest.

Dixie National Forest
Fishlake National Forest

According to the forest service (just called the office in Loa, UT), we should hit fall colors - normally it's the 2-3rd week of September - see images: Dixie National Forest - Google Image Search

Therefore the window of opportunity to photograph the fall colors should be very good during the scheduled workshop dates.

Equipment list

  1. Sturdy tripod and head (ball heads are lighter and pack more easily)
  2. Digital camera (film SLR is optional)
  3. Wide angle lens - 16 mm or wider for APS-C, 24mm for full frame sensor
  4. Moderate telephoto zoom lens (eg. 50-200 or similar focal length)
  5. Long lens - 200mm is plenty, 300 or light 400 is optional
  6. Macro lens (recommended)
  7. Circular Polarizing filters
  8. Cabled or wireless remote
  9. Flash + extra AA batteries – Eneloops are the best option, charger is optional.
  10. Extra memory cards
  11. Extra Camera batteries and charger(s)
  12. Backpack or similar camera gear carry system that is comfortable for trekking.

Optional but still recommended:

  1. Standard UV filters – to protect your gear from the elements and simplify cleaning lenses due to dust, etc.
  2. Zip lock bags come in handy for stuff during the rain or sandy conditions.


  1. Rocket bottle blower
  2. ND filters

Personal Gear/Clothing:

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Rain gear
  • Hiking Boots
  • Hiking shorts/pants (both)
  • Bug spray
  • Flashlight

If you are staying longer, I suggest packing plenty of underwear, socks, etc. in case you do any stream work, etc. Pack what you need, be really hard on what you choose to bring...

Lodging and Outfitter details
Lodging: If you wish, Days Inn has a presence in Torrey, UT. Here is the link to their website reservation page: Days Inn Torrey Utah Hotel Torrey, UT 84775 Near Boulder Mountain Scenic Highway - .1 Mile, Capitol Reef National Park - 3 Miles & Slot Canyon Hiking - 5 Miles.

Price per night for 2 adults in 2 Queen beds per room is 72.50 to 85.00 per night during that time. Days Inn online hotel reservations - more search options Thus if we split costs on the rooms, it's quite reasonable at roughly $120 per person for 3 nights!

Outfitter: One option to consider: we can arrange for the outfitter (Hondoo Rivers and Trails) to work with us and they provide transport. It's listed as seen below - here is the summary...

Cost: Morning or Afternoon Session--$90 per person, with 3 person minimum
Full Day Tour--$150 per person, with 3 person minimum

Generally speaking each morning or afternoon session will last about 5 or 6 hours. On the full day tour when logistics allow, we'll return to town for siesta between sessions. All tours depart as arranged. Drinks with lunch and/or snacks provided.

Link to their photography page: Hondoo Rivers and Trails Photo Tours
The outfitter is optional and they will probably have some excellent first hand knowledge, given their history and I know other photographers have used them before. We can consider renting too. I would suggest 2 half days (one morning, one evening) with the outfitters.

NOTE: This pricing (in bold) is for the workshop only. You are responsible for any other costs (meals/lodging, outfitter fees and travel).

Sponsors: Wimberley Professional Photo Gear, Pentax Forums.

I would like to thank both Wimberley and Pentax Forums for their involvement in making this workshop a success!

Workshop Terms and Conditions

Special Notes: I will print one 16x20 image on an Epson 9880 series wide format inkjet printer on professional stock paper for you and mail it to you.

Payment Options: bank draft or certified check is preferred.

You may consider using the option to pay for the workshop via PayPal - please confirm availability before sending payment:

Utah Photography Workshop by Marc Langille

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