Monday, May 11, 2009

In-body Shake Reduction (SR) - how well does it work?

I decided to really test the abilities of both my long lens shooting technique and the in body shake reduction of my K10D. The following images were shot closer to the end of the day. It was very windy (20+ mph/30+ kph winds) and heavily overcast.

Taken with the K10D + FA* 300/2.8 + Tamron 1.4x MC4 AF TC = 420mm. I use Wimberley lens plates attached to an Arca Swiss Z1 monoball on a Giottos MT9360 tripod. Even though SR is on and not recommended for tripod work, your technique is just as important. I normally do not have the head locked in place - it swivels easily and I rely quite a bit on my technique. The tripod and the support system is simply to allow me to focus (no pun) on the work at hand. I am barely 6 feet away from the subjects, which is the minimum focusing distance (MFD) so the Depth of Field (DOF) is very shallow at F/5.6 and F/6.3.

Little or no cropping in these images. Only default conversion from RAW in ACR, no additional sharpening, minor Levels adjustment for the background to deepen it's hues in the second image. Taken ISO 640:

The Defender


For reference, here is another image, taken at 1/100 sec.

On Alert


Here are the links to the larger images:
The Defender
On Alert

From my perspective, SR certainly seems to work like a champ - more images are available for viewing on my website!


roentarre said...

Marc, it is so good to see you posting pretty images of birds. Not only that they are always filled with a touch of ambience, but also revealing a sense of extravagance.

I had stopped taking images of birds as this continent is getting too dried... I am not having that much time on board to do more birding stuff. So it is great to see you posting birding images :)

Miserere said...

Marc, for your next SR test, take the lens off the tripod and hand-hold it. Then you will *really* impress me :-p

But seriously, I've shot 680mm hand-held (SR set to 600mm) on a K10D at 1/200s and obtained consistently sharp shots. In fact, my limiting factor in IQ was manually focusing correctly, not camera shake.

You keep hearing about how in-body SR is crap for long focal lengths, but it ends up being quite good.

Note to any Canikon shooter who might stumble upon this comment: I am NOT saying lens stabilisation is worse than in-body SR, only that in-body SR has worked perfectly well for me.

Sune said...

Great work.

The Pro Chris DM, had even found the SR system working better than what he had managed in Canon system. (Don't know if it were older generation IS lenses used). Not that it matters all that much, both are of great help