Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vanishing Resources: Earth's Moment of Truth


I’ve wanted desperately to find funding to do my own conservation project for some time now, and many are closed doors. I stumbled upon an opportunity for me to become more involved in making an impact in the world around us. I have prepared my entry for this contest: Name Your Dream Assignment Home

Microsoft and Lenovo are putting up money and a high end laptop in this contest. The winner receives $50,000 for the budget/travel/equipment and a Lenovo W700ds workstation 17″ laptop. Again, there is no prize money in this contest - it is for equipment, travel and logistics. I have posted my entry and it’s my hope that you believe in my abilities as a photographer and will consider voting for it. Your votes do not determine the winner! If I make it into the top 20 ideas in terms of public votes, then my entry goes to the judging panel.

Here is my entry:
Name Your Dream Assignment :: Vanishing Resources: Earth’s Moment of Truth

You have a chance to stay involved with this project. Part of the winner’s obligation is to report regularly via a blog on the assignment while out in the field. The potential to have an impact is significant. Make no mistake: this is not a vacation - this is personal sacrifice, long hours and potentially difficult work. Please pass the word!

Please leave a comment if you are comfortable doing that - this also pushes up my entry on the “most commented” list.

Public voting ends April 3rd, so please consider voting for this worthwhile cause!!