Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's Resolution

Yes, after resisting for many months, I am finally putting up a blog.

I've had several requests from people if I could share what goes on behind the camera. Therefore I've decided to provide insight into how and what goes on in my corner of the photographic world. This year will be very busy for me, with many of my weekends taken up with travel, cycling or photographic related work. Therefore during available down-time, I'll try to keep up with some posts.

I've already published the information on my website about some upcoming classes and workshops I'll be teaching in 2008:

First is the Digital Photography class at our local Bedfords Camera and Video. Of note is that Bedfords received the distinguished Camera Dealer of the Year for 2006 award, so it's proof positive of how good they've become!

Another exciting event (which I am already thinking about) will be held in May. It's at Camera Craft and will be the Pentax Week promotion. It's a week-long event of classes and presentations for the newcomer(s) to the realm of digital photography, and some more involved demos and lectures by the staff and a workshop on Saturday (which I will lead). It's essentially tips and tricks for all types of photography. It should be a great time to talk shop and get insight on how things really work!

The premise is that we can give you the information and tools needed to take the images you want. However, you will have to take the time to become a better photographer - there is a learning curve that only practice will bring.

My camera gear

"It's the photographer, not the camera or lens. The camera is only a tool: the image is the product of your mind and vision."

This has been my motto since I began shooting with digital. The reason for the above statement is to show people that there are viable alternatives to using a camera system from the "big two". My tools do what I want them to - that's all that matters. I've also shot with the Canon system, and it can be a superb setup in most (but not all) conditions. All camera systems have strengths and weaknesses.

I chose Pentax simply because the K10D/K20D bodies and battery grip are weather-sealed. This is very useful when shooting for days/weeks in the outdoors. The newer DA* series lenses are motor-driven and weather-sealed. I don't have to worry about their performance under optimal or harsh conditions. The image quality is breathtaking, and the contrast and color of the optics are stunning. I primarily use a mix of older film (the professional FA* series) and newer digital specific (DA series) lenses.