Sunday, December 21, 2008

Museum funding approved = image project pending!

I wrapped up the Prairie Grove Battlefield reenactment the first weekend of December. Currently I am slowly going through over 2000 images from this year and the previous two years. I have been in discussion with the historical interpreter at the museum, and it appears I'll be helping out Taylor Studios with their image works. Taylor Studios are exhibit designer and fabricators in Rantoul, IL that is doing the project for exhibit renovations the Prairie Grove Battlefield museum. I'll post information related to this project where permissible and appropriate.

Miscellaneous Updates: 2009 calendar, upcoming classes

I've been quite busy as of late, so here are a couple of things to update folks:

Images of Our Land - the 2009 calendar is now available! I've been spending time getting it ready, and some technical glitches prevented confirmation of the preview function. You can get the calendar via the link on my website.

The Digital SLR class starts at Bedfords Camera & Video on Monday, Jan. 12th, 2009. The list of people interested is quite long, so multiple classes may be needed. More to follow!